Parenting Skills and Coaching

With a greater understanding of your child, you will be able to more effectively meet his or her needs while maintaining your composure. Parenting skills training is an educational process in which you learn how to positively impact your child's development. You'll learn effective skills to help regain your control as a parent while creating a nonjudgmental, understanding, accepting environment for your child that strengthens your relationship with your child while facilitating personal growth and change for all involved.

Our aim is to help you, the parent, feel more empowered to work with your child. By gaining confidence in your parenting skills, you will have an increased understanding of your child, and a positive increase in your relationship. You, as a parent, are a therapeutic agent for your kids and can help develop the skills they need.

Benefits of Parenting Skills Training

Your child will gain:

  • Healthy emotion identification and expression
  • Acceptance and understanding from you
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Self-control, responsibility, and decision-making skills

You, the parent, will gain:

  • Greater understanding and acceptance of your child, and yourself as a parent
  • Stronger, more positive relationship with your child
  • Easy and effective skills to set limits

Parenting Adult Children

Many parents look forward to when their child grows up and leaves the nest. But at times it can be difficult. Learning to accept your child as an adult can be tricky, especially when they still live at home. There is a fine line between “my house, my rules” and “you’re now an adult and can make your own decisions.” You see your child make mistakes and you want to step in and fix everything or at least give advice. Yet you also realize that it is his/her life to live and your interference may not be appreciated. Don’t worry, just wait. There will be times when they run home to you for help. Then you have to decide how much help to give and when to stop. Learning that fine line between “help” and “interference” or even “enabling” can be challenging. Being able to identify your own set of limits and learn how to relate to your child as an adult can be the answer.

Online Parenting Coach

Online therapy is easy and convenient! Have your sessions in your own comfort zone, allowing you to focus and accomplish more during your sessions. You’ll save time on traveling, and on finding a therapy office near you. You won’t have to worry about running into someone you know, or sitting in a waiting room. We can meet via video or telephone.

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