What is Video Counseling?

E-counseling, video counseling, or teletherapy, is conducted over the Internet and allows you to stay in your own environment for the therapy sessions. Teletherapy is most useful for symptoms of anxiety, depression, or agoraphobia. E-counseling can also help with interpersonal relationships and stress management. Sessions are conducted in the same manner as a face-to-face session. Like in-person therapy sessions, everything remains confidential.

Is E-Counseling Right for Me?

Finding treatment that meets your needs and goals can be tough. Sometimes, face-to-face sessions aren’t convenient, and it may prove difficult finding suitable therapists locally. E-Counseling is designed for those who are very busy, physically disabled, immunocompromised, or live in an area that restricts accessibility to mental health services. Common symptoms that benefit most from e-counseling include anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. If you are having difficulty scheduling therapy sessions in an office, e-counseling may be a great option to receive the services you need.

We also provide sessions via telephone!

Advantages of E-Counseling

  • Reduced Rates: Since overhead costs are reduced for online sessions, the rates are reduced for both the initial evaluation and regular sessions.
  • Flexibility: Since you can video chat anywhere and everywhere, there is greater scheduling flexibility.
  • Convenience: Check into sessions while traveling, at work, or at home.
  • Comfort: Enjoy the comfort of your own environment, without having to travel to a clinic or office.
  • Privacy: Create your own space, knowing you won’t run into acquaintances in the waiting room!
  • Less intimidating: The comfort and privacy you experience in your environment makes sessions feel easier and more natural.

Online Counseling